Congregation of the Missionary Missionaries of Salterns, the House of the Convent


Address: Dębowiec 55

38-220 Dębowiec


Tel.: +48 797 002 017

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Extension of the pilgrimage infrastructure in the pilgrimage centre of Mother of God la Salette in Dębowiec

The planned investment to improve the infrastructure of the pilgrimage areal is aimed on improving the conditions for the implementation of cultural and natural heritage activities. In the framework of the investment, the following planned activities included in the project contribute to the creation of conditions for preservation of the cultural and historical territory, promotion of its values and the further development of pilgrimage tourism.
Activities: construction of a parking lot, construction of a shelter with a fireplace; landscape modification: small architecture – benches, bicycle racks, planting green, reinforced surface, installation of lighting; installation of monitoring with wifi hotspot and installation of external sound system.

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